What makes Foresight special

0 transaction fees, open source, and other cool features we designed and coded

Improvements we've made in prediction markets

  • Pay 0 fees until you make profit.

  • For a limited time, also pay 0 fees when you make a profit! Foresight has the lowest fees!

  • No need to manually redeem winning tickets. USDC is sent to your wallet promptly when a market settles.

  • For liquidity providers, buying AMM LP shares for assets that go to 0 is dangerous! Manage your risk and earn the spread by providing liquidity on our central limit order books.

  • For predictors with conviction, enjoy the superior liquidity of a market designed for efficiency.

  • Start trading right away on the front page of the site! wow.

Everything on the blockchain

  • Categories (cool feature on the blockchain that we've invented)

  • Questions, rules, and information are also on the blockchain

  • All the UI and Pictures are on Arweave

  • No need for an account, just connect a wallet and start trading!

  • WIP: Graphs generated from historical prices stored on-chain.

  • WIP: On-chain notification system.

  • WIP: On-chain leaderboard and exclusive customizable avatars for the sharpest predictors.

Dedication for letting anyone to list their own questions

  • Users can list their own markets and questions. They will also be able to set the rules and end date.

  • Ask any question you like as long as the rules are clear and the results are publicly verifiable.

  • Research policies and elections by letting the market predict the future.

  • Users can create markets for fundraising: eg a wedding party where guests can predict where the couple is going for their honeymoon. We are building a product to let people earn fees from the markets they manage.

Rewards and incentives for anyone who participates and contributes

  • WIP: Anyone can be compensated for helping to settle markets quickly and correctly

  • WIP: Anyone can receive a subsidy for providing liquidity

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