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Join our community, discuss some mind-blowing predictions, participate and contribute in making markets, and give us feedback!

Teddy Seers keeping Foresight running

Feedback and Market ideas

If you have any interesting Ideas , we'd love to heard your thoughts! So far, we collected and integrated so much feedback that we have a growing list of thing we want to do. Let us know if you have:

  • market ideas

  • questions

  • things you'd want to see

  • and anything else!

Community and discussion

The devs are active on discord and twitter. We are also building a forum where people can post their technical analysis because we love long and thorough discussion topics. Our founders like to seek communities and threads of people with interesting ideas about anything in the world. Here are some of our other social media link!

Coin Launch

We are launching our IDO in 2022. Our social media and website will constantly be posting updates. Contact us individually if you would like to know more.

Join our DAO (Managing and creating markets)

Currently working on the DAO website and designing awesome incentives. Let us know if you want to contribute content and be in charge of creating, managing, and resolving markets that you're passionate about!

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