How to get started on devnet

A guide on how get free tokens that have no value.

How to set up and get started in Devnet

To use Foresight on devnet, you'll need SOL on devnet and foresight dollars on devnet, both of which are worth nothing.
First you'll need a wallet. If you don't already have a wallet, you can use or
Head to, select your wallet in the upper right, hit "CONNECT WALLET", and click "CLICK TO AIRDROP FUNDS TO YOUR WALLET" at the top of the page. You should receive some devnet SOL and 1,000 devnet foresight dollars! (which are worth nothing)
Even more free tokens??
You might have to refresh the page and connect your wallet again before your balance shows up at the top.
Wow it worked
If everything worked correctly, you should now have SOL and foresight dollars on devnet. You're ready to make some predictions! You won't get any money even if you're correct though.