About the Devs

Learn more about the people who work hard on Foresight.Exchange everyday!

Henry Elder (@Henry_E__) https://twitter.com/Henry_E__

  • Loves programming on Solana using the Anchor framework

  • Programmed the original IDO pool code that has been used by Mango, Parrot, Aurory and Solend to raise over $250m

  • Recently completed a PhD in AI

Sasuke420 (@Sasuke___420) https://twitter.com/sasuke___420

  • Loves to code in Zig, works using a VR workstation

  • Passionate about prediction markets and wants to improve the services he's used before

  • Runs a quantitative cryptocurrency fund

Tom Geshury (@TomGeshury) https://twitter.com/TomGeshury

  • Big DAO lover, wants to use the blockchain and Foresight to help build an alternative form of government

  • Likes coding in React all day and bikeshedding composition patterns.

Teddy Seer (@TeddySeer) https://twitter.com/TeddySeer

  • Foresight's mascot, a teddy bear who is a seer

  • Loves design and spicy ideas, always making out-there predictions about the world.

  • Will probably make many markets on movies and other trendy pop culture trends.

  • Hobbies are drawing, game design, and story telling!

Nice to meet you! Let's chat about crypto, predictions, and cool ideas about the world.

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