Quick Overview

Foresight.Exchange is a Prediction Platform on Solana.

A prediction market is a place where people can profit by correctly predicting outcomes of world events.

Foresight is a prediction platform that's easy to use for people who have never used a prediction market before. Completely decentralized, 0 transaction fees, 0 fees to create or redeem shares. Chat with us and follow us to see what we're up to!

Our goal for complete decentralization

We are big believers in decentralization. Our pictures, markets, order books, and just about everything else is on the blockchain. The way Foresight lists and manage its markets is that it's run by the DAO (decentralized autonomous organization). Members vote to list and resolve markets. We want users to be actively involved in participating in the project and we've created rewards for their contributions.

Our goal to create the best prediction market there is

Not only do we care a lot about being decentralized, we also want to create the very best prediction platform that's intuitive and innovative. We brought a lot of new ideas to the space to improve on the current models of prediction markets that would be interesting and convenient to use even if our product was not decentralized.

Our goal to become a platform where users can create and handle their own markets

We believe users should have their own autonomy to create their own markets and have the ability to resolve it themselves. Foresight is a platform where people can be involved in creating all kinds of interesting markets for their inner circle. Imagine a small town predicting on whether or not a bridge will get built or local communities predicting on outcomes for their private events. It's our conviction to create a product to incentivize research and conversation within communities.

Quick overview of what we are currently working on:

  • Designing a governance system to resolve markets quickly and correctly

  • Planning an IDO next year

  • Adding more products and features that are all on the blockchain

  • Building a community of people interested in researching and discussing world events

  • Creating a DAO where contributors will get paid in SEER to operate and improve Foresight

  • Making cute Teddy Seers (teddy bears) on the blockchain where participants who make predictions or contribute will be given awards. Those awards are correlated with digital assets to dress your very own Teddy Seer!

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